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A captivating road trip through the High North

Jeroen Toirkens and Petra Sjouwerman sketch an intimate portrait of people living in solitude in the Arctic North of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia, an area called the Barents Region. Europe’s last true wilderness. The Dutch photographer Jeroen Toirkens (Nomad, 2011) and Scandinavian correspondent Petra Sjouwerman go in search of stories about people from this area. They are inspired by the wanderlust and courage of the sixteenth century Dutch explorer, Willem Barentsz, after whom this region is named. A unique diary of a journey along the Arctic Circle. Includes a historic epilogue by Diederik Veerman and quotes from the original diary of 1598. Read more... Price € 34.99
-SOLD OUT- Nomad
“This strikingly beautiful and unusual photobook takes us on a multi-continent search for the last living nomadic peoples in the Northern Hemisphere. It's a remarkable journey, showing facets of modern-day nomadic cultures that are not quite what one would expect to find.” Jim Casper, LensCulture - Paris

Since 1999, photographer Jeroen Toirkens has been documenting the raw reality of the last living nomads of the Northern Hemisphere. Globalisation, draught, poverty and climate change make it increasingly difficult for these peoples to maintain their traditional way of life. Toirkens' strong photographs and a heartfelt essay by Jelle Brandt Corstius give a gripping image of twelve journeys to some of the remotest places on earth.-SOLD OUT- Read more... 0
Solitude Special Edition
A limited edition of Solitude combining book and print ‘Abandoned caravan’. Print and book are numbered 1/45 LE to 45/45 LE and signed. Read more... Price € 119
-SOLD OUT- Nomad (special edition)
A limited edition of Nomad combining book and a print of 'two Dukha girls', both signed and numbered (1/65 to 65/65). Together in a felt sleeve produced in Mongolia. -SOLD OUT- Read more... 0